When the 'Baby Blues' Are Something More

When the 'baby blues' are something more
Wisner is also director of the school's Asher Center for the Study and Treatment of Depressive Disorders. Because it's temporary and relatively mild, the blues probably won't have any lingering affect on the child, but both postpartum depression and … Read more on Boston Globe

Exercise called for to halt the UK's anxiety epidemic: Do you recognise the
Almost half of adults in the UK struggle with anxiety every week and almost as many deal with feelings of low mood – an early symptom of depression. But despite struggling with these feelings so regularly, most people who visit their GP for help aren't … Read more on Yahoo Lifestyle UK

Depression in athletes: Is it being ignored?
In any given single year, 6 of the 100 will experience depression symptoms that meet the diagnostic clinical depression criteria. The 12-month prevalence of depression is actually higher in the 18-25 age group compared to the 26-49 or 50+ age groups (8 … Read more on Philly.com (blog)