When Childhood Drives Us to Drink

When Childhood Drives Us to Drink
And it appeared obvious that my anxiety and low self-esteem grew directly out of childhood neglect, bereavement, and abuse. AA helped me break free of addiction. Other twelve step … Although I knew intuitively that my difficulties could be chalked up … Read more on PsychCentral.com (blog)

RUOK? Day: Not asking is the coward's way out
One of my friends had long-term depression, which I discovered only after one of his failed attempts at suicide. I'd had no idea at all. I kept tabs on him by asking everyone else how he … Today is RUOK? Day, which aims to help prevent suicide by … Read more on BRW (subscription)

Social media becoming 'barometer' for self-harm as rates rise
Social media is a 'barometer' for self-harm. Mental health professionals want to harness the good in social media to help people suffering depression and self-harm. Butterfly Foundation chief executive Christine Morgan says the medium is not to blame. Read more on ABC Online

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