Penticton Man Wolanski Sentenced to Six Years for Manslaughter

Penticton man Wolanski sentenced to six years for manslaughter
They all are now left with a gaping hole in their life that has caused emotional upheaval and caused McAdam's father to turn to alcohol. He was watching the sentencing via video from substance abuse treatment program at the Nanaimo Correctional Centre, … Read more on Pentiction Western News

Mandatory grog rehab gets wobbles in Top End town
"People are not staying in the mandatory rehab system; they are absconding, it is not working," she said. "Doctors are under duress, nurses are under duress and the streets are full of drunks." The town's Venndale alcohol rehabilitation centre has been … Read more on Yahoo!7 News

Narconon meets fierce opposition in Hockley Valley
But that changed when Narconon came to town in late July, with a proposal to buy the sprawling estate of late Conservative MP Donald Blenkarn, and turn it into a private drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre. During the three-hour-long meeting … Read more on Toronto Star

Ex-'Jersey Shore' star opens up about addiction
There were rumors at the time that he was battling an addiction to drugs or alcohol but Sorrentino maintains that wasn't the case and says "those rumors were definitely false. I didn't mix anything." Soon after he checked into rehab where doctors … Read more on Centre Daily Times