What’s Wrong With This Dude?

Question by Empress Of The World: What’s wrong with this dude?
I’ve been friends with this guy for almost a year and he was really fun and easy-going. Now he’s just… Awful I understand people change, but…
He’s said he has some issues and I’m cool with that, I’m willing to help him, but he doesn’t let me. All he does is whine about stuff, and I try to help him, but he interupts and changes the subject. He’s calling me names, saying that I’ve done things that I’ve never done and he always says “stop trying to figure me out. You don’t get me, that’s no reason to do this. I’m too messed up.” None of what he’s saying makes any sense and I keep telling him, but his answer is the same. I keep trying to work out problems with him, but when he doesn’t get his way he becomes angry and runs off or swears at me. He keeps putting the blame back on me, and twisting up situations.

He called some random girls in the hallway a *****! Like he screamed it out. His excuse was “I’m just pissed off” I told him he needs to have some respect for people but he doesn’t listen.

What am I supposed to do here? He just doesn’t listen to me. He uses everything I’ve said to him in the past and throws it back in my face.

*And I understand he needs help, he just won’t let me do anything. He’s going to a therapist but his major thought process is that it’s not his fault so he doesn’t have to do anything about it. He’s even said “I haven’t been in inpatient care like what you’ve gone to with the Eating Disorder clinic.”
I don’t nag him. He called me a bitch and a silly excuse for a friend so I went and talked to him about it.
Again, not trying to be a therapist. Just trying to tell him to respect me.

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Answer by notyou311
He needs professional help. If his therapist can’t help him, you certainly can’t. Stay away from him. He could cause trouble for you.

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