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Reality TV May <em>Not</em> Have Saved Amber Portwood's Life

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After an investigation, she was arrested and then enrolled in a drug rehabilitation program. But after violating the terms of the program, she headed back to court, where she told the judge that she was a “bad girl” and asked to be incarcerated again.
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First drug rehab clinic in Malaysian mosque huge success

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Combining methadone and an Islamic approach, Malaysia's first drug rehabilitation clinic in a mosque is seeing promising results. And the project has also drawn the attention of churches and Hindu temples. Twenty-eight year old Mohamad Khairul was a …
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These kids aren't all right — child stars who struggle with drug and alcohol

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And now there's Stahl (Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines), whose wife reported him missing on May 14, only for him to resurface four days later to check himself into rehab. But these four have more in common than a fictional teenager.
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