What's Causing My Erectile Dysfunction?

What's causing my erectile dysfunction?
It can contribute to a decrease in motivation and self-confidence while increasing depression, trouble concentrating and forgetting things. Low testosterone is partly due to the testicles not working properly, but a lot is related to the testes … Read more on SKNVibes.com

Solution to many a problem? Take a walk
"It's become clear that this is a good intervention, particularly for mild to moderate depression," said Jasper Smits, a psychologist at Southern Methodist University. Laurel Lippert Fox, a … One study showed that spending time in natural settings … Read more on Hays Daily News

FACTBOX-US coal-fired power plants scheduled to shut
In 2012, low gas prices from record shale production depressed power prices to at least 10-year lows, making it uneconomic for generators to install new environmental controls on their oldest and smallest coal plants. Those controls are needed to keep … Read more on Reuters

Your Money: Using historical model, fund manager sees stocks going higher
Naturally, investors are following oil prices closely amid the turmoil in Syria and President Obama's arguments for military intervention. Peroni generally holds about 25 stocks at any one time, but through Advisors Asset Management, where he is a … Read more on Philly.com