Tide Turns Against California's 'Rehab Riviera'

Tide turns against California's 'Rehab Riviera'
But when he asked Cano to help him get to a drug-and-alcohol rehabilitation centre down the road, all became clear. For Malibu has now become the “Rehab Riviera,” with scores of clinics opening up to fix the minds of wealthy drug addicts and burnt-out … Read more on Vancouver Sun

The Florida House Experience Approved for Expansion of Their Comprehensive
The Florida House Experience is pleased to announce that they have received approval from the Deerfield Beach City Commission to expand their drug and alcohol rehabilitation campus. They will be adding 60 new beds to the facility, increasing the number … Read more on PR Web (press release)

There's something (potentially dangerous) about molly
The DEA labels it an illegal Schedule 1 controlled substance, considered to have a high potential for abuse and no accepted use in medical treatment. …. Combining MDMA with alcohol or other drugs can also be the cause of its more serious side effects. Read more on CNN

Rehab Centers Los Angeles | Treatment Center Los Angeles
http://treatmentcentersinlosangeles.org Rehab Centers Los Angeles treat clients with drug, alcohol, cocaine, heroin, and other additions via counseling, clea…