What Techniques Do You Recommend to Someone Who Is Almost Anorexic to Manage Their Symptoms?


What techniques do you recommend to someone who is almost anorexic to manage their symptoms? – Jennifer Thomas, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School, and staff psychologist at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston For mor…


First Responders Seek Out Counseling as Attitudes Shift
It is typical during initial post-trauma weeks to have difficulty sleeping, eating or focusing on other things. But this reaction—considered a kind of acute stress response, Dr. Nejad said—usually abates. … "The injuries are war-related injuries … Read more on Wall Street Journal

Being Fat Is Not Just The Number Of Calories We Eat
They argued that obesity was a "hormonal, regulatory disorder" and not simply the result of eating too much or exercising too little. However, American health and nutrition science in the years that followed WWII ignored these ideas. Taubes thinks it … Read more on Business Insider

Libby Neal Joins Remuda Ranch As Director Of Clinical Services
www.remudaranch.com. Remuda Ranch, a comprehensive treatment center specializing in eating and co-occurring disorders for women and girls, is pleased to announce that Libby Neal, MA, LPC, has joined Remuda Ranch as Director of Clinical Services. Read more on Strugglingteens.com (press release)