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What Makes Us Different the Right Step Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center Different – Quality Care Since 1990 For more than a decade, we have existed for one purpose: to help people with substance abuse and chemical dependency issues achieve sobriety, obtain tools for change, and begin to experience meaningful lives. We do this successfully with thousands of individuals and families each year by offering quality, affordable alcohol and drug treatment programs and services at several locations throughout the Southwest. The Right Step is committed to partnering with clients and their loved ones to educate, treat, heal, and support each individual as they begin to rebuild their lives. The leadership of The Right Step is nationally recognized by the National Association of Addiction Professionals. The Behavioral Health Services are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). Throughout our industry and within the community, The Right Step continues to be a leader in and major contributor to transforming individuals’ lives. Our Mission is to provide the highest quality, affordable, state-of-the-art addiction treatment in a caring atmosphere. Drug and Alcohol Treatment Experience That Counts The Right Step is a group of caring, experienced professionals with proven expertise in the field of addiction. Our CEO, George Joseph, was recognized as “National Counselor of the Year” in 2002 and has been in this field for over 24 years, successfully leading the organization for the past 14 years. Our Chief Medical Officer, Jason


Recreational Prescription Drug Use Continues to Plague College Campuses

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But there are other scenarios as well—taking more than the prescribed dosage, using the various pills to party, and mixing them with alcohol use are all ways that people have abused prescription drugs. According to Drug Free World, “In the … Abusing …
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The NRA takes a shot at Obama

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Because the real subject is how unfair it is the president's family get special treatment? … From the first glass to the grave, you can become an alcoholic with 9 easy steps in this 1846 "The Drunkard's Progress" lithograph: Step 1 – have a glass …
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Injured man to be charged

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His probation/parole plan required him to "cooperate with" mental health and drug and/or alcohol treatment at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic on an outpatient basis and to take all prescriptions prescribed by a psychiatrist. He pleaded guilty …
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