Does “Rescue Remedy” Really Work? How Quickly?

Question by Felicia: Does “Rescue Remedy” really work? How quickly?
I want to try “Rescue Remedy” before a presentation I have to give tonight at college. Does it really work?
I went and bought it at GNC. It was $ 10.99. I tried it during the day and again 1/2 hour before my speech. It must have worked cuz I was pretty relaxed when I am usually red in the face and shaking……..

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Answer by Eden*
Rescue Remedy usually works quite quickly, because people use it for emergency situations rather than deep-rooted problems. The other remedies can also work quickly, but if you are dealing with something that has been around a long time then it can take weeks or even months to see a real difference.
I’ve used them for specific problems, mainly depression and anxiety and have seen fantastic results, but I think it’s like anything else, you have to believe in its properties if you want to see the real benefits

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