What Kind of Patients Do Psychiatrists Work With?

Question by alankingc: What kind of patients do psychiatrists work with?
Do they work with naturally-born mentally challenged people? Or the people who became mentally challenged because they went through certain types of tragedies but were perfectly intelligent before? Thanks in advance.

Best answer:

Answer by ann
It is the emotionally and mentally disturb that Psychiatrist have for patients. They also do study the retarded or mentally challenged to see how it can be prevented, develop ways for them to manage their way in the world (behavioral) and to maybe attempt to find a cure.

Here is a joke as to who exactly the Psychiatrist have for patients.
A Paranoid builds castle in the sky, the schizophrenic lives in it, and the Psychiatrist collects the rent.

Answer by McCall Evans
We work with all kinds of people! Psychiatrists have generally been considered a middle ground between neurology and psychology. Psychiatrists can therefore see/counsel patients, prescribe medication, order laboratory tests, work in an academic or a research setting, and conduct physical examinations. There are more branches of psychiatry than most people realize. Like most doctors, most psychiatrists specialize in a specific area in mental health. In general, it is one of the most expansive fields of medicine today!

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