Drunk Man Charged With .26 Blood Alcohol Content

Drunk Man Charged With .26 Blood Alcohol Content
Those with an alcohol addiction should check into a professional detox center like Harbor Village and get the medically supervised assistance needed for recovery. … Harbor Village, located in sunny South Florida, provides private alcohol rehab for … Read more on PR Web (press release)

The Perils of Reform
For people of means, addiction is correctly treated as a health issue with access to treatment, counseling and rehabilitation services. For the poor … Anyone who's ever known someone addicted to drugs or alcohol—and who hasn't these days?—knows how … Read more on Express Milwaukee

NCAA Trainers Push For Mental Health Guidelines To Help Athletes Cope With
(UCNISS, CC BY 2.0) The NCAA announced its push for standardized guidelines to treat college athletes' mental health issues. … NATA's most recent push requests the NCAA to direct its course more toward substance abuse and broader mental health … Read more on Medical Daily