What Is the Pill That Cleans Your system….that You Can Buy at Just a Normal Drug Store?

Question by crazy!: What is the pill that cleans your system….that you can buy at just a normal drug store?
Or if you don’t know what im talking about, just a pill that cleans your system out in 24 hours….
for UAs specifically…. Just alcohol though…
Possibly for marijuana though????
Does anybody know a good “detox” pill so if I do smoke pot, that it will show up clean in myt UA.
my color for ColorCode gets called about once every month and a half- 2 months..
And if your UA comes out like too dilluted in water, will they make you take it again or question it…?
one more thing haha, if i drank the night before and i have a UA the next day, should i just drink as much of any liquids as possible??

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