Research Paper on Eating Disorders?

Question by Ashlyn: Research paper on eating disorders?
Eating disorders typically coexist with other mental illnesses such as; personality disorders, anxiety, or mood disorders. I need to have an argument in my paper and i dont know what question would be good. i was thinking maybe, “how do those other mental illnesses cause an eating disorder?” or maybe something like “are eating disorders a mental illness?”. ideas would be appreciated. thank you

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Answer by Crystal Rayne
Something like, “How do eating disorders relate to other mental disorders?” or “Eating disorders: are they mental illnesses, and what causes them?” or “How can mental illnesses effect eating habits?”

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Eating Disorders: The Media, or Something Else? – WARNING: Graphic images, defenitely not a happy subject. I made this video for Honors English in order to show that the media is not the sole cause for eating disorders. Although it does contribute to the sheer popularity of them, there are several other factors that contribute to this disease, such as: mental illness, family environment, personality type, societal views, biology, etc… I also wanted to raise awareness of other eating disorders besides Anorexia and Bulimia, however, due to a time restriction on the project, I could only include a few. Lastly, I want to mention that not only do eating disorders cause death in the strict medical sense, but they destroy lives in other ways. The sufferer becomes isolated, lonely, depressed, hopless, and completely miserable. Sometimes it feels as if death is the lesser of the two evils, compared to this psuedo-life we live. As a recovering anorexic w/ bulimic tendencies (ED-NOS now), I ask everyone with an eating disorder this: Why not try to recover? Life can’t get any worse, can it? Songs used: SCREEN (Squall ver.) by D’espairsRay Ana’s Song (accoustic) by Silverchair Courage by Superchick Videos Used: Ana ( I’m a Child Anorexic Ana’s Song (Open Fire) Music Video If there is any artwork that is yours, please tell me and I will gladly credit you or remove it. NO COPY RIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. Oh, no siree. Not at all. I am simply here to try to help.


Rethinking Risk Factors for Eating Disorders

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Anorexics, like others with eating disorders, are at a higher-than-average risk for suicide, depression, and substance abuse. While past examination of eating disorders focused on the impact of environmental factors—for example, how societies are …
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