What Is the Diffrence Between Muscle Knots and Pinched Nerve on the Back?

Question by : What is the diffrence between muscle knots and pinched nerve on the back?
What is the dffrenece and what do each feel like and what do they do for them if you have either?

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Answer by Justin
A muscle knot is when the muscle tightens causing pain to the effected area. You can usually feel a hard lump where it hurts. Alternating heat and cold usually takes it away. A pinched nerve happens inside the spine. Its where your discs shift, pinching one of the nerves. Usually when this happens, depending on the area, it will hurt in more than one place. For instance, if it occurs in your neck, it would usually cause shoulder pain. Lower than that, you should feel it in your arm. If it happens in the lower back, it could cause pain to one of the legs. There’s different ways to treat it. Ask a doctor depending on the severity. They might have you do anything from basic rest, to chiropractic work, to physical therapy. Hope that helps

Answer by Shankar
muscle knot = stressed muscles with low blood flow dried out and needs to be stretched

pinched nerve is when the nerve is subjected to weight of a adjacent muscle or a disc in both cases only stretching regularly of the legs and spine will give you long term Relief

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pain Relief = Stretching = increased oxygenated nourishing blood flow to the extremities

The key is to increase blood flow to the problem area; fresh nourished blood has vital oxygen
and energy that aides to eliminate the pain and heal the body

The only way to get reinforcements inside our highly complex human body is through the
Circulatory systems that provide vital source needed for all life — which is oxygen and the
carrier being blood.

Unfortunately the blood through your arteries is not like free flowing water through a plumbing
System — the blood needs to be pushed into the remote areas and the impure blood needs to be
Pumped back against gravity to the heart for oxygenation.

Due to lack of activity or stress or sedentary / busy life style
Stretching is not occurring and there is a blood traffic jam in the pipes (thereby increasing free radicals in the impure blood #1 aging accelerator ) and blood circulation weakens which causes several chronic ailments like
Back pain , stress, fatigue , depression , lethargy , aging , early wrinkles , low immunity etc…

The only way to fix this is by stretching and widening the circulatory pipes

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