Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday! – Happy birthday to me…sorta. 🙂 Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/charlottelmoore Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/magicalcharlotte Vlog channel – http://w…


Paula Deen gorging on fried food over racist scandal fallout as ANOTHER ex
Deen famously lost 40 pounds after being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes but a source close to her family told the Enquirer that she has been binge eating on high fat comfort foods in the wake of the scandal and they are concerned for her health. The … Read more on Daily Mail

Nothing will keep Joe Carr from playing the blues
“She has to make me eat lunch.” “He's very compulsive when it comes to music. Impulsive and compulsive,” she says. “Sometimes I do call myself the cloud on his parade, because you can't have too much sunshine because you'll wilt. Some clouds is good.”. Read more on Pacific Northwest Inlander