What Is the Difference Between Eating Disorders Treatment Programs?

Question by maddy2010: What is the difference between eating disorders treatment programs?
I know what inpatient is and residential. What I’m asking is what are the key differences between outpatient and partial hospitalization?

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Answer by Ducky
Outpatient programs are for those who are doing fairly well on their own and simply need ‘guidance’ every week or so. During an outpatient visit they usually meet with a doctor, a therapist, a dietitian and sometimes a physical therapist just to check up, and get some advice.

Partal Hospitalization is for those who cannot keep on track (making sure to eat and making sure not to give into eating disorders symptoms ) and need people to help make sure they eat. Partial Hospitalization is kinda like a day camp (minus the fun) where you eat breakfast and lunch (sometimes dinner) under the eyes of a nurse/dietian/etc who ensure you are eating, and eating right. You will also meet with therapists, doctors, and other people just like in the outpatient program.

Partial hospitalization is usually treated as a transitioning point between inpatient and outpatient. It allows the patient to start taking charge of getting better at home during the evenings, but recognizes that they still need lots of help (which they get during the day).

Answer by Shelly
Center for Change in Utah has a good explanation: http://centerforchange.com/content/outpatient-program

Scope of Programs | Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt — Dr. Steven Crawford describes the scope of programs at the Center for Eating Disorders.

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