Drug and Alcohol Treatment Question?

Question by Jess: Drug and Alcohol Treatment question?
What is the difference between:
*Residential Treatment Programs
*Outpatient Rehabilitation Programs
*Inpatient Programs
Also, does anyone have any resources for these types of treatment facilities. I would like general information, but if you would like to be more specific, I live in Wisconsin.
Thank you!
Thank you for your answers so far!

dlmrgnk- I am located in Southeastern Wisconsin if that will help limit the search.

Best answer:

Answer by dlmrgnk
Residential is “in-house” where the patient lives on the premises of the treatment facility.
Outpatient is when the patient lives at home (duh!!) and visits the facility where the staff is located. Presumably, all these are aimed at rehabilitation.
Inpatient is basically the same as Residential. We’ll do some looking for facilities in Wisconsin. What part of the state?
Here’s a web site that looks promising:

Answer by dat93
I have been looking into this too for a family member. I have been told that statistically the end result does not vary from one type of treatment to another. If using the out patient program, the person should go daily. This should be followed up with NA or AA meetings. That will be life-long. What ever is best going to fit your needs is what I was told, such as travel distance and economic situation. The people at these centers have much experience.
Here is a link you might try.
Best wishes to you and yours.

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