What Is “Oversleeping”, Why It Happens and How Do We Cure It?

Question by elmyra_1984: What is “Oversleeping”, Why it happens and How do we cure it?
My boyfriend is a “heavy sleeper”..Once he ever slept thru a night following the next day..Giving a scenario he sleeps on the nigh of 1st May and wakes up in the afternoon of 3rd May..Believe it??Its true..Now it has reduces but his sleeping hours are never less than 8. I face a lot of difficulties even to wake him up. Sometimes he can even tell me he is unaware that he is sleeping that long. He does work at night but not everyday..Its like twice or thrice in a week…I just can’t understand and seeking help for him..Weirdly he does excersise everyday which researchers concluded people who do not exercise daily faces this problem and he is also not under any depression.
How do i change his sleeping habit, remedies or any medications?Any good websites just on “oversleeping”.. I need help…”SOS”…

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Answer by studmuffin
he better go to the dr.,because thats too muck sleeping.if he let you,try getting him up at a certain time each morning,then when that time comes,he might learn to get up on his own.

Answer by Jamie W
Try giving him a caffine pill in the mornings around the time he should wake up. it takes about 30 min to kick in and is effective for about 3 hours. it should be enough time to get him out and about. I know you hear about people having caffine addictions but thats nonsence. People who drink coffee every morning are just as bad or worse. Coffee stains your teeth. Just a caffine pill you get at a gas station should work. One every morning you are having trouble getting him up.

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