Ben Stiller on 'the Secret Life of Walter Mitty' & the Rediscovery of 'the

Ben Stiller On 'The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty' & The Rediscovery Of 'The
It's almost as if there are two Ben Stillers. There's the actor who is most known for starring in, well, a lot of movies: "There's Something About Mary," the "Night at the Museum" franchise, "Meet the Parents" and its sequels, and many, many others … Read more on Huffington Post

Majlis passes landmark Anti-Torture Act, Prisons and Parole Act
The Prisons and Parole Act specifies rules for the management of jails and procedures for incarceration, rehabilitation and parole as well as rights and benefits due to inmates. It also provides for the establishment of an independent Maldives … Read more on Minivan News

Grandparents don't have to go it alone
"I thought I'd done something wrong," said the 57-year-old Caswell, who along with her husband, David, is raising Katrina, 12, Mackenzie, 10, and Kaylee, who turns 2 the day after Christmas. So Caswell joined the Grandparents Raising … "These people … Read more on