What Is Clinical Depression?


What is Clinical Depression? – A video made to help people understand depression. How clinical depression is different from just feeling down or fed up. How it is different from grief. And the different types of depression related disorders.


5 important facts and misconceptions about Asperger's syndrome

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It shouldn't, under any circumstances, be confused with a mental illness like clinical depression. 2. We still have no idea what causes it. The root of Asperger's, like autism, is largely a mystery. Current research suggests it's connected to early …
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Cheer Up! New Drug May Treat Depression in Just a Few Hours

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The first phase of clinical trials on humans (in which participants take just one dose of the drug) went well; the drug treated depressive symptoms within a few hours and without any significant side effects. But it's worth noting that the second phase …
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Impaired melatonin secretion may play a role in premenstrual syndrome

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Clinical implications of reduced melatonin in PMDD The prevalence of insomnia and depression are both about twice as high in women than in men, yet the reasons for this are still not fully understood. The current results highlight the importance of …
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