What Is a Good Activity for a Support Group Focusing on Teens With Eating Disorders?

Question by Lindsay S: What is a good activity for a support group focusing on teens with eating disorders?
As a group project I have to come up with an idea for a support group. My group chose teens with eating disorders. We have to come up with an activity to demonstrate to the group. Any ideas?

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Answer by Ed
I don’t know the answer myself. But I think I know two bulletin boards you can go to, to possibly get an answer:

#1 – the “Something Fishy Website on Eating Disorders”
Click first on “Online Support” on the left;
then “Online Options”, and then
on the “Remember It Hurts” Web Board (perhaps in the “Anorexia and Bulimia” message board,
or try one of the other online communications.

#2 – The National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, Inc.
Has online Discussion forum (click on “Discussion” on menu board across the top. Then post to “On My Mind Today” message board.).
They also have over 125+ free local ANAD support groups, and they assist individuals in the formation of self-help support groups. They also have a telephone helpline for all those affected by eating disorders. Scope: International
Founded: 1976
Telephone: 630-577-1330
Email: [email protected]

Sorry that I don’t have the answers. But I think one of these two might provide ideas. I’ll try checking possible other places, and let you know if I uncover anything specific.


Uphill Battle – A Student-Athlete’s Struggle with Bulimia – Megan O’Grady was a star long-distance runner for Carroll University in Waukesha, Wis. But her success on the track and the pressures that came along with it triggered an eating disorder that threatened her health and athletic career. Her struggle to overcome a binging and purging cycle would come to affect not only her, but also those closest to her, including her coach.