Do You Ever Feel Sad After Finishing a Movie or Book?

Question by tayl?r.: Do you ever feel sad after finishing a movie or book?
I saw this shirt the other day that said “Twilight couldn’t cure my post-Potter depression”. Which got me thinking, I always feel sad after I finish a good movie or book unless there are more in the series. I remember being sad after the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie and after finishing the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants books.

Also, what movie or book? I guess it could work for TV shows, too… I was sad when Drake and Josh ended, haha.

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Answer by Greg
Yes, especially with books! I get really mad when I’m reading a mystery book and then at the end. It drives me crazy!

Answer by taxi siren symphony?
I always feel that way. I obsess over certain movies and books once I’m done with them – I’ll think about them all the time and have dreams about being part of the story and it lasts for like, a week until I find a new story to become absorbed in.


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