What Happens When You Get a Psychiatrist?

Question by Clarice: What happens when you get a psychiatrist?
I suffered depression as a teen. I am now in my early 20’s. Recently, I tried to kill myself taking headache pills and lied to the doctor that I didn’t do it intentionally (since I didn’t take enough to die). I’m embarrassed of getting a psychiatrist and fear that they will make it known to my friends and family.

What happens when I get a therapist? Will they send me to the mental hospital? Will “depression” be on my medical record forever? Will it affect my job?

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Answer by rgchappell
The ultimate outcome is in your hands. Basically, with a doctor of this specialty you will be doing a lot of one on one talking. If your doctor feels you need medicine to help you get over the hump he/she will prescribe it. Hospitalization is always an option but that would be a last resort so don’t worry about it. For once in your life, if never again, you need to be completely honest with your doctor. Answer all questions to the best of your ability and feel free to express your own ideas. It’s the only way your doctor will be able to gauge your problems and offer you the best possible remedy. Everyone gets depressed from time to time, for lots of reasons, so when it happens knowing what to do is important. That’s where a qualified physician can be of immense value. Most likely you will be the only one at your workplace who knows you are undergoing therapy so don’t worry about it. That said, your condition will affect your job performance but not in the way you are thinking. As you gain control over your problem both your attitude and performance level will get progressively better. Good luck. (I’ve been there too.)

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