I Have a School project.And Was Wondering if You Could Answer Some Questions?

Question by sassy chica haha: I have a school project.And was wondering if you could answer some questions?
OK so as you know im doing a school project.
But it is on Bulimia. if any of you have suffered through this disorder, and are willing to share it with me. I would greatly appreciate it.First, how old were you when you started to binge, and purge? What made you do it? What was going through your head as you were suffering? How did you see yourself?

Whatever else you want to tell me please do..

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Answer by OH DANG LETS BANG….hahaa
i am not bulemic.
but i know on youtube there are aton of stories of people and they pretty much cover all of the answers on there.
they are like documentories of the stuff they went through.

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