What Does It Mean if I Can Imagine Myself Committing Suicide?

Question by carosaurus: What does it mean if I can imagine myself committing suicide?
Something very scary has been happening to me lately and I’m not sure why or what to do about it. I’ve been thinking of the word “suicide” randomly (just the word itself, NOT doing it), and sometimes I can picture myself doing it. However, I DO NOT want to!! I don’t want to think of these things or kill myself! I have a great life, a super loving & supportive family, great friends, and I recently got engaged to my best friend who I’m in love with. It’s scary to feel this way. I’m scared that I’ll accidentally do something, like run my car off the road or something else. I recently went through a period of anxiety, but it is mostly not an issue anymore. Could that have something to do with it? I looked up symptoms of depression and I don’t relate to any of them. I’m a happy person, and I still enjoy life. Am I going crazy? Is there something very wrong with me, or is this just something bothering me in a way that I “don’t want to think about it so I end up thinking about it” kind of way?

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Answer by Marc
Do not go crazy because of this. You’re only thinking about being able to do something horrible. Thoughts like this happen to everyone when life is difficult, but it will pass. Don’t worry about that unless it become VERY serious (like trying to do it).

Answer by Cecilia G
If your even thinking of the word and even picturing it, you should talk to someone. Try to look back in your life and see if you blocked anything .A suppressed memory that damaged you. If nothing is there than you are overthinking it.Everyone has at least thought about it once in there life doesn’t mean they exactly acted on it.You are blessed with a good life so enjoy it .

Can’t Do This ~ self Injury, depression, suicide
WARNING !! Can be triggering! If you aren’t safe -don’t watch it. I’ve made it to cope with my own stress. If you want to talk or get some help -write to me….



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