My Puppy Ate a Few of My Multivitamins?

Question by Belle!: my puppy ate a few of my multivitamins?
i dropped the container on the ground and she came in a took some… by the time i chased her down… there were only remains in her mouth…. i don’t know how she did it… they taste horrible!!! anyways the information of the vitamin is here:

i think she took 2… shes 4 months old and is a chihuahua cross… but shes still quite small

Best answer:

Answer by chiwiz15
Call your poison control center. They will be able to tell you what you should do for your pup!

Answer by BYB’s have little caulk
You call poison control in your area and find out if there is anything to be worried about. If your poison control doesn’t handle animals, then you call either an emergency vet or the ASPCA poison control hotline. The ASPCA charges, but here’s the link

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