What Does It Feel Like to Have a Nervous Breakdown?

Question by Cosmic Magnet: What does it feel like to have a nervous breakdown?
It seems like a kind of vague idea even medically, and I can’t find a definitive list of “symptoms” or what exactly happens when someone goes through a nervous breakdown.

What is it like? How long does it last?

If you feel comfortable sharing: has you or anyone you know gone through this? What was it like for you/them? Did you need to be hospitalized? How soon did things get better?

Were you left shaken after the experience?

Thanks if anyone can help! Will pick best answer.

Best answer:

Answer by Krissy N
I had a really bad one a few months ago. I was upset over a terrible thing my sister did to me, and out of rage I tore apart my house, ripped out my hair, burned myself with cigarettes and destroyed about $ 1000.00 of my stuff. I started seeing a doctor and I’ve been on medications that help me me somewhat, but I still go nuts over things sometimes, but that breakdown concerning my sis was by far the worst. I was screwed up in the head over the incident for a long time. Oh, and yes, I should have been hospitalized

Answer by skackles
I don’t know for sure but I had something like that a few years back. To me what it meant was I was severely depressed. It all starts from an incident in your life that causes grief or trama. You learn to look for thw rose and stress yourself out badly. I started giving up on everbody and all my daily activies. I used the poor me attitude and the f**k it attitude. after a while I blocked out everybody and ade myself numb. I thought I was making myself stronger but I was surely NOT. After a while I started realizing that I lost all my friends and job and personal items. Thats when the walls came crashing down. I started feeling again and realized how much I self destructed myself. Then of couyrse I started drinking EVERYDAY. I had lost hope and given up on life then and has a “Nervous Breakdown”. Then I was hospitalzied, put on meds for a “BRIEF” period and went to councelling, When the councellng starting being effective in me I weaned from the meds and am living happily again. I was soo far down and felt like it was allover. Just seek help before you actually do crash. and if you do crash you can get help..and help isnt Always meds! its a good councellor such as a psychologist who will help you get better without meds. but mind you councelling takes time and meds dont.so be patient and give the councelling a shot first. hope that helps


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