What Do Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs Do?

Question by clinton b: What do alcohol rehabilitation programs do?
I have a friend who’s an alcoholic, and I’ve been convincing him to undergo an alcohol rehabilitation program. He says he doesn’t want to, though, and will only concede to going to one if I can tell him what he will benefit from it. I don’t know exactly what they do in alcohol rehabilitation programs, so I want to know what procedures they will employ.

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Answer by margarette l
A lot of alcohol rehabilitation programs nowadays have a holistic approach to treating alcoholism. Medication, therapy, and counseling are used as ways to help the patient get over his addiction. Some of them even follow through the spiritual life of the patient. There are some programs that involve the participation of a non-drinking relative, which can help the patient recover more quickly and foster a stronger relationship with the relative. The level of success may not be the same for every individual. The willingness of the patient to undergo treatment is a vital factor that will affect his recovery. Your friend will definitely benefit from an alcohol rehabilitation program. He’d be able to get rid of his alcohol addiction and stand on his own.

Good luck on convincing him.

Answer by blkmgikwmn
there are medication and behavioral modifications but their also there to keep patient safe since detox is dangerous with alcohol and puts folks at high risk for cardiac arrest.

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