Eating Disorder Information?

Question by Summer: Eating disorder information?
I think my 13 year old has a eating disorder. She sits in her room all day and doesnt come out. She refuses to eat and drinks frozen water from a water bottle this has been going on for about a week and im worried. Shes in no way fat , has lots of friends and boys like her. Why would she do this? Please help with links and anything you know about it. Thank you(:

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Answer by OMG soup!
Coming from a thirteen year old (me), it might be that her friends have been calling her fat or heavy at school. Maybe it was a boy or someone. But we girls at our age tend to take things VERY personally. She’ll get hungry, I did. If you’re really concerned, call your doctor to talk about it. Hope I helped 🙂

Answer by kenzie
Most girls go thru a stage where they use food to cope in certain ways.
I would binge, than try to restrict whenever my mother and i got into a fight id say im not eating than a couple hours ater shed be like come out dinners ready, and i would.
So little things like that are eating disordered but not a full blown eating disorder.
Observe her this week. if her behavior continues for another week. then take her to a “surprise doctor visit” to make sure her heart and other organs are functioning properly.

Signs: Obsessed w/ food, recipes, calories, the word healthy, excercise, fat, etc.
She cooks high caloried items, but never eats it herself.
Her internet will be filled with searching for calories of foods, and other pro eating disorder stuff.
If she has an ipod touch or iphone, she will have a calorie counter or nutrition thing on there.
She has obsessive food rules…no eating after 7, no snacks, etc.
Theres so many more! these are just the for sure ones! alot of the ones like baggy clothes, hair falling out, etc. doesnt come until they are in treatment.

I know it was hard for me when i was 13, to have the will power to starve myself for more than a day. but as my environment changed, and i could control more instead of binging my restrictive ED came along. I had told my mom when i was binging that i needed help no one listened. NEVER FOCUS ON WEIGHT. that is just one small factor, its all mental. Even after you observe her and she doesnt have a full blown ED, you should still get her some sort of therapy or start having 1 on 1’s with your daughter before one shows up. & maybe get her a checkup every 3 months. Just to be sure shes healthy. Trust me treatment is hell, its better if you just make her realize that shes gunna have to eat enough calories for herself, to live. Now, if you also find out shes having depression issues thats a whole other thing.

& sometimes whats appears on the outside is not how it really is at all. NO ONE diagnosed with an eating disorder made them selves like this. It is all part of there DNA & environment. They dont wish this apon themselves. Yes, you here all the time i wish i was anorexic, etc. but those people dont know what is truly like to suffer from an eating disorder. It is a disease just like cancer. No one makes themself have cancer. Dont blame your daughter for this. & who knows maybee shes just really depressed and needs someone to just be there for her.

I hope I helped(:

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