What Causes “Old Blood” During My Period?

Question by : What causes “old blood” during my period?
My period usually begin and end very light and the flow is usually brown in color. I’ve read from a few sources that brown blood is “old blood”. What is “old blood”? How is it different from normal blood? And why is it still in the body if it is “old”? Also, what does have “old blood” say about my body? My periods are usually very abnormal. I usually miss 3 or 4 cycles before getting a period. Also, I used to have a eating disorder, and when not eating for a few hours, my flow stops or lightens a lot. when i eat again, it immediately starts and becomes heavier again. Is this healthy and normal?

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Answer by Willow Tree
It’s normal for period blood to be brown as well as red.

Our periods are as individual as we are. Blood flow isn’t exactly the same every time we have a period,

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