Free Christian Drug Rehab: Free Christian Drug Rehab – What Should You Expect?

When you can’t afford a private rehab, and when you don’t have health insurance that’s going to cover your costs, it can feel like no one will help you, but you don’t have to give up!

Treatment works, and fortunately, there are thousands – literally thousands – of drug and alcohol rehabs across the country that operate on a nonprofit basis, and that will take you in regardless of your ability to pay for services.

You will find some secular free rehabs, but the vast majority of free providers are faith based and some of them are offering truly exceptional treatment.

What can you expect in a free Christian drug rehab?

The durations of stay vary, but in general, at a free Christian rehab you will be asked to pledge a significant time commitment, from 6 months up to as long as 2 years or more. Addiction isn’t easily beaten, and although our insurance driven private system calls for ever shorter stays; in a free rehab, where money isn’t an issue, they want you to stay for as long as it takes; as long as you need. Statistics show pretty clearly that longer stays in treatment correlate with greater long term success rates, so although you may not sleep on silk sheets, may not enjoy a daily massage, you may in fact do better than those who can afford a stay in one of the nation’s finest and most expensive rehabs.

Work as therapy

Free Christian rehabs incorporate Christian therapy, with the healing properties of honest labor, and you certainly can’t go in expecting a vacation. You will be asked to work, either inside the facility or out, and through work you are encouraged to put into practice the skills of sober living taught, and earn your keep as you take increasing responsibilities.

The Christian 12 steps

Therapeutically, you will work on a path to sobriety, and to a better relationship with Christ. The Christian 12 steps are closely related to the 12 steps of AA, but instead of praying to a self defined higher power, prayers are to Christ, and the shared power of group prayer is enjoyed by all in recovery. They teach us humility and of the power of God’s grace, and through a lengthy practicing of the steps, you gain a solid foundation for a lifetime of sobriety.

Never think that you have nowhere to go, and never believe that your lack of money means that you can’t get help. There are people waiting with a bed and a kind heart, waiting just for you, and they will teach you what you need to know to get better, and stay better.

If you can’t afford private care and if you’re a Christian, consider a Free Christian drug rehab.

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