What Can We Do to Rein in the Power of Our Out of Control Media.?

Question by j-ru: What can we do to rein in the power of our out of control media.?
They have long lost their credibility as “the watchdog of government”, and have become attack dogs for their preferred political party.

They contribute greatly to the loss of consumer confidence with irresponsible reporting. They ‘re not satisfied to say “here are the statistics”; instead they say ” here are the FRIGHTENING statistics”.
Instead of ” the loss of jobs”, they announce dramatically “the STAGGERING loss of jobs”, and ” the economic outlook” becomes ” the DISMAL economic outlook”.—These nitwits could single-handedly create a depression, and gloat about their higher ratings.

Now days, they’re less likely to help in any war effort, and more inclined to contribute negative propaganda for our enemies.Will our soldiers in the future need to fight the enemy in front as well as the one behind them?
Surely things are not fine the way they are. Does freedom of the press render us helpless against their power?
If we stop watching or reading, how do we stay informed.—And do we surrender ownership of our airways to them?
Their voice isso much louder than ours, and we can hardly be heard without their help in broadcasting it.
BLINDGUY:—You sure are, if you’re willing to surrender that kind of power to a profit driven business, and feel democratic about it. —Patrick Henry you ain’t.
So, that’s the answer ? We all seek out our own biased source for tailor-made information ?—Unbelievable.
Courageous Americans are content to invite the enemy within into their homes, no questions asked.
No wonder con -men live well in this society.
TRIBECA:—There is some truth in what you say, but you can’t condemn them simply because they don’t say the things you want to hear.
All we can ask is objective reporting of all reasonable aspects of a news item.
JOE B:—They can influence the loss of public confidence, and that can lead to a recession—which can turn into a depression if left unchecked.
MARVINSU:—Nonsense, the FCC continually regulates what is allowed to go out over the airways.
Have faith in the power of the people to deal with those who abuse their freedoms. Were the lessons taught by those founders wasted on you ? You seem to admire them. Why not try building their kind of courage and conviction. They did not suffer tyrants or fools. With the right numbers, people can bring justice to wherever it’s needed.
When the Constitution was signed, those founders were liberals only in the eyes of King George.
Oh.—and you.
We are not talking here about some little loud-mouth on the street corner. We’re talking about an army of abusers who collectively have the power of a 4th branch of government with no checks, no balances, no accountability. Joe Stalin would envy their unchecked power.—And you think they need your protection ? They can eat you alive; —bones and all—and will ,if you don’t consider any type of regulation. You certainly don’t give that kind of trust to any branch of government. Thomas Paine and Patrick Henry never dreamed of this kind of power half-consciously presented ,with no restraints, to a profit driven business.
KEVIN R:—Don’t look now, but you have an even bigger brother controlling your “big brother”, and manipulating everything you’re allowed to know.
Is freedom of information also up for sale? Who’s watching the watch-dog?
MARVINSU:—Why do I get this feeling that if the press was right wing, you would be quoting those same founders in condemning the lousy biased press?
And why am I not shocked to hear from you that our involvement in Vietnam caused the press to consider profit before they release a political report ?
Are you the reincarnation of Ho Chi Minh ?
Dan and Walter were the most insincere,emotionally immature, and dogmatic cry-babies to ever appear on T.V.
KEVIN R:—How would you even know what “big brother” is up to, if you don’t give a damn about the credibility of your snitch ?
MARVINSU:—Who in the hell cares if 80% of a poverty stricken population wanted to try a proletarian dictatorship. But we have all seen what happens when they get what they want. We all want Santa Clause to be real. But, sorry, —he ain’t.
And, will you stop complaining about your half of the voting public being so dimwitted ? Nobody really expects you guys to be all that bright. Just continue living in bliss.

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Answer by amazin’g
Don’t watch/read and don’t use the products and services of the advertisers.

Answer by bill
Nothing.People know they’re a joke.The sad thing is they don’t.


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