People With Eating Disorders: What Videos Would You Like to See?

Question by No Thinspo: People with eating disorders: What videos would you like to see?
I have a channel on Youtube dedicated to eating disorder awareness and recovery.
What are some videos you would like to see? I have “My Eating Disorder Story,” “How to Tell Your Parents You Have an Eating Disorder,” “Psychology of Calorie Restriction” (posting this one tonight), and “Tips to Stop Calorie Counting” (posting tonight). Anything else you would like to see?

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Answer by Charles
How anorexia nervosa develops?

Answer by Gobbler
A video that raises awareness that eating disorders can occur at ALL weights- when I was first ill I didn’t believe I had an ED because I wasn’t thin and so didn’t feel able to seek help… I also see it soo many times on here, people believing their not ill because they don’t have an anorexic BMI.

Another thing would be some stuff on the binge/purge cycle- some tips on how to break it… and maybe something on why laxatives DON’T work and perhpas the general dangers of all the common behaviours.

Just some ideas- keep up the good work! 🙂


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