What Can Be Done for Alcoholic Who Has Already Been in Rehab Twice?

Question by sweetgirl: What can be done for Alcoholic who has already been in rehab twice?
My friend has been to rehab twice for alcoholism. He didn’t stay sober for long and doesn’t think going again will help. He goes to AA meetings for few days but then gets back to drinking. It on and off mostly drinking and not going to meetings. Is there any hope for him or what can be done if rehab has failed for him. He is in so much pain and says he needs help so bad and he struggles everyday. I try to suggest things but he doesn’t do them. I know that I can’t help him but tell him that he needs to allow people to help him and support him and not refuse it. Any advise on this would be great.
So far good answers I have suggested alot of stuff like yoga, hobby, going to the gym after work instead of straight home to drink, counseling, spending time at bookstore since he likes to read. I know he can only help himself but its very sad to not be able to help someone that you love.

Whacky Fish..First off this isn’t a forum to preach specific religions. Maybe this person is Catholic.
Thank you for that comment he is Catholic and preaching your own religion is not intended for this conversation

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Answer by gina
He has to want it himself bad enough to change for the better. Tell him to study the Bible with Jehovah’s Wittnesses that worked for me and my husband.

Answer by wcwindom56
There is always hope… but it’s up to the individual. My father was an alcoholic. His doctor told him if he didnt quit drinking he would never see his kids grown. He died 1 month before I graduated HS.

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