Anger & Emotional Regulation – Therapy – Working It Out Together


Anger & Emotional Regulation – Therapy – Working it Out Together


Mindfulness Therapy Can Aid Vets with PTSD
Veterans in the mindfulness treatment groups participated in in-class exercises such as mindful eating, in which they focus on sensations associated with eating very slowly and “body scanning,” an exercise where patients focus on physical sensations in … Read more on

Teenager speaks out about her battle with eating disorder – Isle of Wight Radio
Georgi Readman, 18, of Shanklin, has Selective Eating Disorder and mostly lives off 11p packets of supermarket noodles. The Isle of Wight … eating disorders. She's now having cognitive behavioural therapy and believes she can overcome the condition. Read more on Isle of Wight Radio

When Feeding Therapy Becomes Aversion Therapy
And what I am increasingly seeing, as feeding therapy becomes almost a mainstream, first-line strategy for addressing everything from typical picky eating to serious feeding disorders, are children harmed by the very therapies parents turn to for help. Read more on Huffington Post