What Are the Costs of Drug Use in Society That Also Affect You?

Question by KeLy: what are the costs of drug use in society that also affect you?

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Answer by Zxaranthium
They affect my taxes. Because people get locked up for having tiny amounts of MJ on them, it’s a waste of my money. Prisons are run by corporations which couldn’t care less about rehabilitation. They work in a for-profit manner which means repeat business is good business. States pay them lots of money for this “service” and that causes my taxes to be higher than they should be.

I’m not saying MJ is the sole cause, but the most useless one and seemingly most prolific. If it was legalized, the financial impact of others’ drug use would be greatly lessened.

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Operation Gram – Targeting drug related activity in Runcorn – 23 people have been arrested so far in Runcorn as part of a high-profile drugs operation. Around 300 officers were involved in Operation Gram – a series of dawn raids to target the suspected use and supply of Cannabis. The 23 local men were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to supply Cannabis as part of the operation – the biggest that Cheshire Police has ever carried out in relation to Cannabis. They are currently helping police with their enquiries. Warrants and searches were carried out at a total of 25 properties across the town. Specialist officers were used to gain entry to the properties and officers, who are experts in search techniques, are now carrying out detailed inspections of all the addresses. The operation was led by officers from Runcorn Neighbourhood Policing Unit – supported by colleagues from across the force. Representatives from partner agencies including local housing associations were also involved in the operation. Following the execution of the warrants local neighbourhood officers are carrying out high-visibility patrols to offer reassurance to local residents. Officers will be handing out leaflets to homes in the areas affected and talking to members of the local community about the action that has been taken. We hope that the success of today’s operation reassures people in Runcorn that we are listening to what they are saying and are taking those concerns seriously. Anyone with any information about drug-related crime in Runcorn is urged to


DA Announces First Case Re-Sentenced Under Prop. 36, Revised Three-Strikes

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“This first case demonstrates the importance of why providing reentry services, like drug rehabilitation, is necessary for inmates whose crimes are driven by drug addiction. Such reentry services are a critical component of stopping the revolving door …
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