How Much of Depression Do You Bring on Yourself, if It Starts an Early Age?

Question by roswelldreamer: How much of depression do you bring on yourself, if it starts an early age?
People keep telling me to take responsbility now and I am. But I can’t change anyone else. I have emotional breakdowns. My aunt has a brain cancer and that is another thing that is bringing my family down, especially my mother. I think of myself as a burden and I never feel like I am trying hard enough. That nothing I ever do will be good enough. I live with my family. It will be at least a year or two before I could even think about moving out. Why can’t I stop the depression and feel better? Medication, therapy, writing, walks, talking with friends, even talking with family after my emotional breakdowns, started up hobbies. But I still feel so empty. I just feel like I brought this on myself somehow. That you can only use depression as an excuse so much. I can’t change my thoughts of suicide or wanting to end it all. It’s not as intense, but it lurks in my mind almost everyday.

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Answer by Brittany H
depression is a disease. It is not something that you bring upon yourself. You should stop beating yourself up about it. I mean, you didn’t ask to be depressed anymore than your aunt asked to have brain cancer. You need to find out what TRULY makes you at ease and do that all of the time. Don’t put yourself in positions that will make you feel down. Eat some chocolate, hang out with friends, go on a vacation… talk to people. Hang in there.

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