What Are Some Questions Asked During a Psychiatric Evaluation?

Question by sarah820w: What are Some Questions Asked During a Psychiatric Evaluation?
Can someone direct me to a website that may have a form listing such questions, or that a patient might fill out, or offer me some question that psychiatrists ask during initial evaluations? I’m looking for questions, not vague responses detailing what a first visit is like.
I guess I’m looking for an online psychiatric evaluation test, or something similar (like a print out PDF form).

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Answer by stormwarnfm
I had to go for an ADD evaluation one time.

The questions were very basic, almost like what a doctor would supply you with.

What’s your family history? Do you have a family history of physical or mental illness? Why have you come to visit today?

Then the questions are still very general on the first visit with the therapist..basically, a repeat of the written questions, but with more “time” to explain or go in more depth.

I never went back because she did an analysis of my intelligence and said I was below average in math, when I actually was an Honors student in Mathematics…so it just felt she was shady.

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