I Need at Least 3 Quotes of Pros and Cons. Subject: Should Unhealthy Foods Be Banned From School?

Question by Loo: I need at least 3 quotes of Pros and Cons. Subject: Should unhealthy foods be banned from school?
Alrighty, so as I said above, I need at least three quotes of Pros and Cons (three for each) for a project I’m working on. The quotes should be said by well known people or at least people who matter. (No hard feelings, guys) Like, doctors and such.
Also, if you could give me the url that you found the quotes? That’d be awesome. Thanks!

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By high school, says Kelly Brownell, director of Yale University’s Center for Eating and Weight Disorders, “schools are looking like a 7-Eleven with books.” Source: Nutrition: How to Flunk Lunch.(Brief Article).Anne Underwood. Newsweek (Sept 16, 2002): p10.

“To suggest that there are good foods and bad foods–we reject that entirely,” said Drew M. Davis, vice president of the National Soft Drink Association. “You have no evidence that consumption of soft drinks is in any way harmful.”
Source: “Should schools ban junk food?.” Current Events, a Weekly Reader publication. v94. n2 (Sept 12, 1994): p3(1). Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center

Kristina L. Houser, a dietitian, who was one of the researchers, said a more direct approach — say, substituting vegetable lasagna for hamburgers — would be a losing battle. ”We realize that entree choice is key to encouraging children to participate” in the lunch program, she said. ”We’re not suggesting omitting popular entree choices from the menu, but simply decreasing the size of those entrees.”

Source Citation:O’Neil, John. “In school lunches, it’s all proportional.(Science Pages)(Columbus Children’s Hospital, Ohio research).” The New York Times. (Oct 23, 2001 pD8(N) pF8(L) col 4 (5 col): D8(N) pF8(L). Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center

“Whenever I see children clinically, I ask them if they buy lunch at school or bring it from home,” says Patricia Froberg, a nutritionist at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in Hartford. “If they say, ‘I get it at school,’ I cringe.”
School Lunches Cause Childhood Obesity.
Opposing Viewpoints: Food. Ed. Laura K. Egendorf. Detroit: Greenhaven Press, 2006.

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