What Are Signs and Syntoms That Tell You Some One Might Be a Serial Killer in the Future?

Question by bobb j: What are signs and syntoms that tell you some one might be a serial killer in the future?
I read that when a child pees while asleap after a certain age thats a sighn he might be a serial killer,also killing dogs and cats.Are there any other signs.Some are not abused as children and still become serial killers.What behavioral signs that an adult or your neigbor next door might be a serial killer.You realy never know because they dont act or dress like gangs or thugs.What are warning sighns if I or a loved one might become a serial killer and how to get treatment before its to late.I dont mean i wana be one i mean what signs in my behavior could show that i might be one.Im talking about myself and others ingeneral.
Elizebeth P im just curious.
Elizebeth P im just curious.
People im a good person but i have hypochondria that i inhereted from my gran mother.I asked for scientific explanations.

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Answer by Joseph M
I saw some documentary and most people that were serial killers killed small animals as kids.

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