Does Eating Disorders Affect Your Memory?

Question by Ka: Does eating disorders affect your memory?
Specifically memory loss and how long does this last? If you recover from your eating disorder will you still have this memory loss, if there is any?
I’m asking because I suffered from disordered eating for awhile but I like to think I have recovered and have not fasted for a large amount of time. However, my memory is pretty bad and I struggle sometimes to get my head around certain concepts in school and sometimes find myself in a dream like state, not really taking in the things around me and have trouble concentrating. Am I just being silly?

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Answer by geessewereabove
I do not know your answer; but it reminds me:
In 2001 there was a report/tv show on DHC about Bipolar and how it is really a physically inherited condition where the Brain stops being able to adsorb the nutrition it needs… That a doctor discovered this and made a very strong vit. & min. pill and people that took it came back to normal, as long as they took it each day. (Since drug companies could not make money from the natural cure, they have been putting out false reports to make people think drugs are the thing to do. They also pay doctors “under the table” to falsely label people.)
Could it be you need more nutrition?

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