What Are Eating Disorder Rehab Hospitals Like?

Question by inkblack_lace17: What are Eating Disorder rehab hospitals like?
Has anyone been to one? Or can someone please give me a website for people with eating disorders to get on a forum and talk about it or something? Please, I really need help. My parents are putting me in one tomorrow! I am really freaked out. I have no idea of what to expect. Im a sixteen year old girl, so I dont know what my choices (if any) are. My parents are really financially unstable and I overheard them saying that it’ll cost like 100 dollars a day and that they can’t afford it . I really do want to get better, but I dont think that hospitalization is really nescessary. I’m 5’6” and 94 lbs. but I’m not EMACIATED or anything. My blood pressure is 114/74 and I don’t know if that helps any. But please help me get an idea of what to expect! I’m so scared. And sorry for the legnth of the question!

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Answer by K K
You never mentioned if you have an eating disorder, however, I’m guessing you do. Did you try going to a therapist? Or getting a nutritionist? That might help.

Answer by a girl
well that’s real weird i just learned about that in school today
well if u have a eating disorder then have u been starving yourself or throwing up your food to get skinner
that isn’t good
it can cause health problems
maybe you should talk to ur parents
or just wait for more answers on this question
hope i help a little

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