What Age Do You Think Is Appropriate for a Child to Try Alcohol?

Question by Sumiyah: What age do you think is appropriate for a child to try alcohol?
And when I say “Alcohol” I mean a small sip from a parents’ glass of champagne at New Year’s Eve at a family
party? When would you let a child have his/her own glass of champagne under supervision on a special occasion?

I would say 15 for a sip and for his/her own glass 16/17.

What’s your opinion?

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Best answer:

Answer by Anna
12 and above for a sip, 14 and above for a glass. I mean, they probably wouldn’t even like champagne at that age so it’d put them off.

Answer by Sierra
10 for a sip on New Years Eve and 15 have their own glass. They’re old enough by then to be able to handle a small glass of alcohol.


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