Eating Disorder: My Lost Childhood


Eating Disorder: My Lost Childhood – Former Miss America Kirsten Haglund spent her childhood battling an eating disorder and doesn’t want this disease to steal anyone else’s adolescence like it …


Demi Lovato Speaks Out About Her Addiction And Depression During Disney
The former Disney star spoke openly and proudly about her addiction and depression for National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day. But she wasn't … Tags: addiction, demi lovato, depression, eating disorder, mental health, speech. Email this » … Read more on

Lindsay Lohan Reportedly Can't Leave Betty Ford Premises, But Other Patients
The "X Factor" judge has talked openly about going in and out of rehab when she was in her teens for eating disorders and mental health issues. "Treatment was so difficult at first, … Drew was famously an addict as a child. By her own admission she … Read more on Huffington Post

Fighting About the Jodi Arias Trial With My Mom Led Me to Seek an Official
I haughtily thought all but a handful of the other children in the school were brainless ADD savages of a different species all together, and thus I did not care if they mocked my refusal to wear anything but stretch cotton, pretending to be a horse … Read more on xoJane (blog)