Understand the Root Cause of Your Depression to Treat It Naturally


Understand the root cause of your depression to treat it naturally – www.biogetica.com – Does mood create chemical secretions or do chemical secretions create mood? Should we alter mood by using neuro-transmitor altering drugs or should we correct chemical imbalances subtly by reminding the body of optimal function? Depression is an amazing opportunity to demonstrate holistic sciences. Sarcodes which are informational and energetic imprints of optimal function can be used to remind the body of optimal function and rid it of depression forever. Your SOUL knows perfect function, and It can remind the body of it. There is an intelligence in all nature that makes our bodies the most advanced pharmacies in the world. Discover ways where you can harmonize with the life force and live in equilibrium.


Memory: The Thread of Life

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And she reinforces the advice we often now hear, use it or lose it, brain exercises such as doing crosswords, Sudoku and learning a new language all can be helpful to protect against the memory decline that's natural with ageing. You're with All in the …
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Impotence, Leverage and Central Banking

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What is unfolding in Europe is highly relevant to the future of the whole global financial system, and where Europe is leading – into debt deflation, liquidity crunch and depression – many other countries will follow over the next few years. We are in …
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National Poll: Most Older Adults Receive Ineffective Depression and Anxiety

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NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Large majorities of older Americans with depression, anxiety, or other mental health disorders are receiving treatment that does not meet evidence-based standards, and many do not know that depression can put their health at …
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