Ty Medland Told He Will Face Life in Jail for Murdering Wife Sam in Brighton

Ty Medland told he will face life in jail for murdering wife Sam in Brighton
A small group of his family and friends wept as he was sent down. … The relationship deteriorated after Medland sunk into a depression over Sam's miscarriage and the unexpected death of his three-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. Read more on The Argus

Women with bitter past run for Chile's presidency
That changed in July 2013, when the center-right alliance threatened to unravel after its presidential candidate shocked the country by quitting, citing depression, only weeks after winning the primary. Pinera … Support for Matthei, 59, has yet to be … Read more on KPCnews.com

Gay People in Bronx Seek a Place to Be Themselves
The Anti-Violence Project, a nonprofit group that tracks harassment and attacks, reports much higher numbers, but could not tell whether a recent rise in reports stemmed from greater visibility following the killing of Mark Carson, a gay man, in … Read more on New York Times

How to cope with Anxiety, Panic Attacks, OCD, and Stress
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