The Current Status of Combination Therapy of Chronic Hepatitis B.

The current status of combination therapy of Chronic Hepatitis B.

Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci. 2013 Aug; 17(15): 2023-31
Chen EQ, Tang H

In the past decade, the treatment of chronic Hepatitis B (CHB) has been revolutionized by the increased availability of effective antiviral agents. However, there is an alarming of the increasing rates of viral resistance and suboptimal response in CHB patients with single drug therapy. Recently, the strategy of combination therapy for CHB has been proposed and concerned by clinicians. In this review, using PubMed and web of science as main searching tools, we evaluated various latest research reports on combination therapy for CHB, and made a summary of the progress of combination antiviral therapy and outline areas that need to be addressed in the future. HubMed – drug