Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014: Health Care Privilege, Climate Policy, Emergency Room

Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014: Health care privilege, climate policy, emergency room
I have lived a long time; I have a son who is depressive, and I have never before heard the symptoms of depression expressed so eloquently. What courage it takes to open the door and show all of us what the pain is like, and God love the child who is … Read more on Bangor Daily News

Depression over the holiday season can affect students
Tiffany Iskander, psychologist in the Student Counseling Service said that depression is hard to diagnose as it is different for everyone, and everyone shows different symptoms. Meifen Wei, professor of psychology at Iowa State agrees diagnosing … Read more on Iowa State Daily

Symptoms of depression. How to diagnose depression?
Anti-Depressants, No prescription: http://www.pill-pharmacy.com/v2/medication-drugs-anti-depressants-en.html …