Have You Ever Come Across Anyone Who Suffers From This?

Question by Effy ?: Have you ever come across anyone who suffers from this?
Since the age of 11 (I’m now 17) I’ve had a disorder that apparently is quite rare, called psychogenic dysphagia, or phagophobia.

Here’s the definition.
“In general, these children are fearful of eating, and in particular of eating lumpy or solid foods. They do not want to put food into their mouths and swallow it for fear that it may poison them, or cause them to gag, choke or vomit. These children are not preoccupied with their body shape and do not want to lose weight. They may have experienced some traumatic incident that has triggered the phobia. Alternatively, they may have made a peculiar or illogical association in their mind that may lead to them developing the phobia”

As a child I nearly choked to death and developed this phobia. I wondered if anyone has ever heard of it and if they have any ideas how to help me?

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Answer by Scottie
I think it makes sense, you should contact an imago therapist, they’re really really great and usually have training in fears, anxiety and they can let you know how this works and how you can feel better, love you : )

Answer by Lisa Love
There was a case like this on intervention. This lady hasnt eaten anything in years and gets her food, medication, water, etc through a feeding tube in her stomach. She went to some sort of treatment facility for it and can eat baby food now. i think she suffered from it from being sexually abused and made to give oral sex to her friends father when she was a teenager.

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